Tromp l'oeil 

    My hallway has undergone a makeover.  It has been transformed into an old adobe street, not unlike one you would find in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

   With a little imagination and Pinon incense, I am there...



   This chile ristra was the first of several Southwest items Sarri painted in the hall.  It hangs from a hemp rope suspended from one of four vigas over a doorway . 

   The shutter window is just beside it and the design represents the Zia symbol, which is on the flag of New Mexico.

   The coyote figurine is a little added touch Sarri added as I collect coyotes.

Quail Mosaic    

   This gorgeous mosiac quail is nesting just above the door to our bedroom.   The Quail can often be seen  zig-zagging through my In-laws' yard in Gila, New Mexico.  



Covering a flaw 

  This brick work was done to hide a fault in the plaster was a smooth seam that needed to be disguised.  

   The arm of a Kiva ladder is shown crossing through the brick.

Kiva Ladder with Navajo Blanket 

  This traditional pattern Navajo blanket hung over a Kiva ladder is just outside our bedroom door.  






Wagon Wheel

  A cast away wagon wheel leans just to the left of the kitchen entry.



  I love the colours in the Jemez pottery.  This one is a replica of a small piece I have.  Kokopelli is the mythical hunch-backed flute player found in many Native American cultures.

  The linen closet door was washed over with the same torquoise paint and the texture of the wood on the door came through beautifully!




A View  

  Just a little glance down the hall... Go ahead and take a stroll!



   Gila, New Mexico is my favourite place to visit. With the enlisted help of Jaryn, Sarri and Mark, we made it happen.

    I get to enjoy these scenes of the mountains and the night sky (glow in the dark moon and stars) of Gila every night.


The pair of quail below are above our bed with their crown feathers forming the perfect heart


   The copper Kokopelli is one of several who dance and play their way around my dining room.  He is my favourite.